Amir Dental Assistant

Amir is a recent graduate of Cornell with a major in Biological Sciences where he spent his time in several service clubs devoted to engaging children in the STEM fields at a young age. He graduated in three years and spent all three years in a variety of research positions. Since he was young, Amir knew he wanted to pursue a career in patient care and in his final year at Cornell, he found his love for dentistry. Amir has experience in offices all over Ithaca. He started with us shadowing the doctor and has progressed his way up to an assistant position.


Amir has spent his entire life in Ithaca and loves spending his time playing soccer and tennis. He’s also an

avid reader and movie and TV binger so feel free to ask him for suggestions about new books or his thoughts on Oscar-worthy movies.


Amir plans on attending dental school in the future and hopes to return to the community as a committed patient provider.